Nurturing true clinical pharmacy specialists, is our mission.

The important of nurturing competitive clinical pharmacy specialists is increasing as evidence-based practice and pharmaceutical care are well established by health professionals.


Based on knowledge of clinical pharmacy, there is a growing need for pharmacy specialists who can guarantee and rational and appropriate pharmacotherapy based on grounds in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.


In this environment, graduate school of clinical pharmacy is trying to maximize synergy by combining theoretical education with vivid on-site education through the use of field-based specialist pools that include lecturers who have practical experience in clinical pharmacy and lecturers who are practicing in insurance pharmacy.

In addition, it provides classes as a place to learn and share experiences by introducing a lecture format that allows graduate students who are active in various functional fields to participate actively in lessons.


It hopes that you will have the opportunity to enhance your competitiveness as a clinical pharmacologist and social pharmacy specialist in the 21st century in here.

Aeri Kim
Dean of Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy