Cha University College of Pharmacy is one of the top technology advanced schools of pharmacy in South Korea. The success of the college of pharmacy program led to the development of an innovative Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy. The graduate school offers two majors, namely Clinical Pharmacy and Managed Care Pharmacy. The salient features of each major are presented below.

Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical pharmacy program provides students with knowledge, skills and resources to practice effectively as a clinical pharmacy professionals involved in the best use of medicines and pharmaceutical care. These skills include the ability to individualize, review and monitor patient’s medication profiles; demonstrate effective communication skills with other healthcare professionals and patients; critically evaluate medical and pharmaceutical literature, discuss social issues relating to medicine use. Regular updates of course content integrate emerging clinical evidence and current controversies. A major strength of the program is the emphasis on developing clinical practice and the integration of evidence based healthcare. This program also offers a series of core learning that allows the students to gain knowledge and experience on reviewing process for the reimbursement of prescription medication. The lecturers are members of Review and Assessment Committee at Healthcare Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRA).

Social and Administrative Pharmacy

The social and administrative pharmacy program at CHA University focused on studying the social, psychosocial, political, legal, historic, and economic factors that impinge upon the use, non-use and abuse of drugs. At the societal level the program’s emphasis is on the examination of the system and environment in which pharmacists, patients, and other health care providers interact. At the individual level the program emphasizes the interaction of biological, pharmaceutical, and sociobehavioral sciences with direct patient care to assure the safe, appropriate, and economic use of drugs in patients.


The CHA University Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy Program is accredited by the Korea Ministry of Education, Government Complex-Sejong, (339-012) 408 Galmae-ro, Sejong, Republic of Korea (Phone: 82-2-6222-6060).